• Multi-channel logistics
  • Step-by-step development
  • Pick-to-light

Extensive step-by-step concepts for B2C, wholesale, and store distribution


ORION is a successful international company specialized in erotic items. The German wholesaler supplies customers from Oslo to Cape Town, Sydney to Montreal.
In the B2B sector, ORION’s online shop sells more than 10,000 erotic products, and is the market leader in stationary sales of erotic items. The company supplies 150 of their own stores in Germany, and 20 more specialty shops are located in Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Spain.

Our tasks

ORION’s positive business development has led to a steady increase in inventories, resulting in higher requirements of the logistics system. Between 70,000 and 80,000 items leave the Flensburg central warehouse every day.

Step-by-step plan over several years:

  • Development of a new shipping system with gradual standardization to uniform two-level multi-order picking.
  • Restructuring of receiving with partly automated recording and direct connection to the automated small parts warehouse and the commissioning warehouse. Integrated process for goods inspection, re-packaging, and palette packing.
  • Reserve storage in a new automated small parts warehouse with 6 retrieval machines and storage locations for 60,000 to 80,000 bins and cartons. Special features are the newly developed load handling device and a new system for dynamic shelf assignment, where the optimal assignment is not merely determined by fill level and item distribution but also based on the carton dimensions.