• Multi-channel delivery
  • Shuttle system

Expansion of the central warehouse and integration of a shuttle warehouse


Oskar Böttcher GmbH & Co. KG (OBETA electro) is a German specialist wholesaler of electronics and installation material. Founded in 1901, the company is headquartered in Berlin and in its home market is the regional leader in electronics and installation wholesale. With its subsidiaries, it employs over 400 workers at more than 50 locations.

Our tasks

Structural and logistic expansion of the central warehouse including integration of a new shuttle warehouse into ongoing operation

The first expansion phase encompassed the planning and implementation of a structural addition of about 4,500 m², which houses the cable warehouse on its ground floor. On the upper floor, a shuttle warehouse with around 80,000 bins was built to serve as a stock and commissioning warehouse.

The modern, modular shuttle system as an extension of the retrieval machines in an automated small parts warehouse offers substantial advantages compared to other systems. These include high performance due to a goods-to-man handling system, high reliability, and lower energy demand per stock movement. Items are transported from the shuttle warehouse to a commissioning station, where they are taken from the bin by an employee. Information about the removal quantity and item specifications is displayed by a pick-to-light system.