• Increase of inventory volume
  • Increase of shipping capacity
  • Direct commissioning of cartons
  • Bag packaging
  • Returns processing

Expansion of storage space and automation of shipping processes


Internetstores Holding GmbH is a specialized mail order business selling bicycle and outdoor products headquartered in Esslingen am Neckar in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The company maintains two other offices (Berlin and Stockholm, Sweden).
The foundation for Internetstores Holding GmbH was laid in 2003 with the internet bicycle supplies shop by René Marius Köhler. One by one, other shops like Brügelmann, Bikeunit, and Campz joined the group in the German-speaking region. Since 2010, Internetstores has been concentrating heavily on Europe-wide internationalization, and online shops have gone live in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The Swedish online outdoor shop Addnature has been part of the group since 2013.
Today, the e-commerce enterprise sells bicycle and outdoor products in ten European countries, operates 20 online shops, and also distributes seven brands of its own. During fiscal year 2013/2014, the group had 322 employees, 227 of them salaried and 105 hourly workers.

Our tasks

Expansion and Optimization of shipping processes to improve shipping speed

  • Expansion of storage space from 3,000 to 11,000 m²
  • Increase of storage volume by integrating new shelving systems and installing an intermediate platform
  • Increase of shipping capacity by means of a new packaging line with sorting shelves and conveyor connection of packaging to central package sorting
  • Introduction of new commissioning carts and paperless picking with mobile data recording
  • Implementation of a new inventory management system
  • Automation of shipping processes
  • Introduction of carton-direct picking with simultaneous reduction of packaging cost due to advance selection of shipping cartons
  • Implementation of a new shipping conveyor system for connecting all storage areas up to direct loading of packages by means of telescope conveyors
  • Implementation of automated bag packing with an appropriate packaging and labeling machine
  • Integration of returns processing into new receiving processes