À propos de nous

About us


The Alpha Pierau France corporation is an international joint venture of two companies who have specialized in the planning and implementation of logistics and supply chain solutions for decades: Alpha Logistics Consulting from France and Pierau Planung from Germany.

The reasons for our cooperation are rooted in the peculiarities of the market: developing perfectly coordinated logistics for customers requires a combination of modern technology, innovative approaches, and tried-and-true methods on the one hand with knowledge of the particular challenges of the national market on the other.

While the Pierau Planung team brings more than 55 years’ experience in implementing logistics and supply chain solutions to the table, Alpha Logistics Consulting knows the peculiarities of the French market from decades of practical experience and knows the challenges French companies face in their respective industries.

What we do

We at Alpha Pierau France are specialists for logistics and supply chain. We consult, plan, and implement tailor-made logistics solutions – from single systems all the way to new multi-million structures on greenfield sites.

We have supported the mail order business from day one and have been refining our solutions for our customers’ logistics challenges for decades. Some of the concepts we developed and implemented have become established standards; others are considered benchmarks for the market. We hold patents for many of our solutions.

The companies who trust us to handle their logistics challenges are many and varied: from small start-ups to large market leaders, from all branches of industry, selling a broad range of products. From the specialty mail order business selling vinyl records to manufacturers of automotive parts or chemicals, all the way to international textiles corporations with multi-channel distribution, we have worked with all of them.

We focus especially on industries who are currently faced with particular logistics challenges:

  • fashion logistics with modern hanging and folded garments handling and efficient returns processing;
  • E-commerce order processing with reliable goods supply and fastest-possible reaction times;
  • and store delivery with its balancing act between goods supply on the one hand and reduction of in-store staff and space requirements on the other, which is not possible without efficient structures with optimized processes at the central distribution center and IT.



«Make your logistics a competitive advantage » is the motto at Alpha Logistics Consulting. From their headquarters in Bordeaux, the French logistics experts work for companies in France and abroad. Their portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of tasks involved in optimizing or re-designing supply chains and company-internal logistics.

The experts at Alpha Logistics Consulting know the French market with its individual structures, requirements, and consumer expectations


Pierau Planung was founded in Hamburg more than 55 years ago and has built a reputation nationally and internationally for planning and implementing logistics solutions. Apart from one additional office in Germany, the company also operates subsidiaries in the UK and Austria, as well as permanent representations in Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Italy.

Pierau Planung has developed logistics solutions for more than a third of the top 100 German mail order enterprises (as of 2015/2016). Some of the most interesting solutions for e-commerce and multi-channel distribution were developed and implemented by our experts.